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Laurel of Asheville: Healthy Touch, Healthy Child. The Benefits of Pediatric Massage


“Children’s sensitive systems are exposed to a variety of stresses. As a result, they can be adversely affected by events that adults may hardly notice. Pediatric massage offers a relaxing experience in a safe space that can help children restore a sense of calm an ease.

On afternoon while I was working at a massage clinic, a young boy of eight stomped in with his mother and flopped angrily onto the couch. We didn’t often see children as clients, and this child looked like he preferred we didn’t see him either…”

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Patch Adams, Humanitarian Clowning and Designing a Therapeutic Massage Program

Patch Adams, MD and Autumn Woodward, clowning, massage therapy

“In 2006, Woodward took her first trip with Patch Adams as a humanitarian clown. They traveled to Peru for two weeks. “It was a profound experience for me,” she says. “We went into places where raw sewage was running through the streets where children were playing. We painted a block of houses in brilliant colors…I watched children who usually work all day build giant sand castles and get to be kids for just a little while.” Most recently, Woodward organized Adams’ trip to Costa Rica where they visited the oncology ward of the National Children’s Hospital…”

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