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Coming of Age Retreat for Girls, March 11-12, 2017, Asheville, NC

Coming of Age Retreat

Autumn will be co-leading a retreat for girls, exploring building confidence in self, inner growth and spiritual practice. Art for personal expression, dance and movement, meditation journaling, dialogue and time in nature will be mediums for building understanding and joy.

“Our spirituality gives us comfort, adds meaning, and provides direction when moving through transitions in life. Pre-teen and early teen years mark the first step in the transition from child to adult. Like all transitions in life, this journey can be confusing – and also transformative. It is the beginning of embracing and exploring our spiritual self. Just as we nourish the body and the mind during these fast-paced years, so can we nourish our spirituality…” Read more: http://www.greattreetemple.org/events/coming-of-age-retreat/