• Initial visit $100
  • 45 Minute Session $70
  • 60 Minute Session $85
  • 75 Minute Session $105

The initial visit is scheduled for an hour and a half to allow time to review health history, understand sources of pain and tension, develop a treatment plan and answer questions. Follow up sessions are scheduled to provide 10-15 minutes of dynamic feedback time, treatment plan creation, and the remainder of the treatment time on the table and exploring changes in the last few minutes. The time spent before the session directly helps the treatment time to be effective.

Pediatric Massage Rates

An initial massage session includes time for me to meet your child and you, discuss goals and health concerns, and create a session plan.

    • Initial Pediatric Massage Session Fee (Ages 3-17): $100
    • Follow-up Pediatric Massage: $100
    • 4 Session Pediatric Massage Series – $75 per session ($300)
    • Mother and Child Massage (20 minutes each) – $80

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