From start to finish, this was one of the best massage experiences of my life. Cozy waiting room with refreshments and comfortable couches, a beautiful and light-filled massage room, and Autumn is a masseuse with an incredible kind and compassionate way about her, who provided me with the most relaxing hour of my life. Autumn is clearly a natural healer and extremely sensitive and intuitive. She paid attention to my problem areas and was clearly attuned to my body. If you’re in Asheville, look no further for a skilled massage therapist! – Jenny A.

Autumn is a great body worker. She is very sensitive and has the ability to bring her full presence right into where she’s working. I really felt like she “met” me there and that we were working together to release the tension and stress stored up in my body. She is a bright light, very positive and dedicated to her practice. Highly Recommended. – Steve M.

In my massage session with Autumn I was aware of how deeply she listened to the subtleties of my muscular and skeletal structures. Her acute listening guided me deep into myself where I could connect to my body’s holding patterns. Both gentle and firm, her touch was always clear. This clarity made it easy for my body to receive her directions and re-patterning. – Michele H.

Autumn is very professional and attentive to her clients needs. She checked with me throughout the massage to make sure the pressure was just right and it was amazing how effective her hands were. I’ve had the same results with expensive lasers but nothing beats the right human touch. – A.S.

I am fortunate to have had many massages in my life, and Autumn’s was one of the most RELAXING I’ve experienced! She has a very soothing technique, and a kind and gentle spirit, but not afraid to go deep in her work when called for. I have also been recovering from a dog bite, which had left a hard knot under the skin, but her work with a Chinese liniment really softened it up and helped it to dissipate. Autumn is fabulous, as newcomer to the Asheville massage community, but NOT a newcomer to healing massage. Highly recommend her! – Sara Day Evans

** Autumn works miracles ** Last week I crashed my mountain bike going over the handle bars causing me to body slam my lower back onto a root that was sticking out of the ground. Just putting socks on in the morning was extremely painful. The pain was so bad I could hardly lift anything. My range of motion was severely limited. When Autumn was done working her magic on me I stood up off that table like a whole new man. I walked out of her office 90% better. I strongly recommend her to everyone. Give her a call and you too will experience her healing power. Feeling extremely grateful. – Patrick M.

Autumn provided our staff massages one day during last tax season and it really helped relieve their stress.  Autumn is not only great at massage, she is also a very kind and peaceful person and is a pleasure to be around. – Allen G.

Today I asked Autumn Woodward, massage therapist, if I could write a testimonial in her behalf. She gave me this means to inform others as to how much her massage therapy helped me get through a very stressful time. She brings to her work excellent training and intuition in her care for the whole person. I am very grateful for her therapeutic gifts for me and for the community. – Cecil J.

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